vacant positions are ruining your business

Looking at my last two posts, I felt I’ve been persistently critical of others. Figured I’d walk the talk. So, here it is, an entire article on the necessity of filling in vacant positions in a company, rewritten. I’m not sure I should mention the exact URL of the original, but of course, if you really want to compare, it should be easy enough with Big G around 😉 Related:  SEO Content Writing | Structure Your Blog Post with Perfect WordPress HTML Usage It’s not too different…Continue Reading “6 Ways Vacant Positions Can Damage Your Business – Rewritten”

Citing Credible Statistics - the Credible Hulk - Feature Image

There’s a whole lot of ‘credible statistics’ around the Internet. Make a search for statistics, especially in the context of SEO, and you are bound to come up with bucket-loads of crap that are frequently taken at face value. And then there are sites and authors you’d normally trust. They provide value all the time and no one would blame you if you did take them at face value. No one would blame them, either, for the occasional slip – I know I wouldn’t. And frequently,…Continue Reading “Are You Sure You’re Citing Credible Statistics in Your Blog Posts?”