Seo content writing gets you organic visitors. Content that may be excellent on its own but unoptimized for search bots doesn’t usually appear on the first page of organic search results.

And you probably know why you’d want people to find your blog or website when making a Google search for products or services related to your business. Here’s food for thought, anyway:

According to Powerreviews survey,

  • 38% of consumers begin shopping with Amazon search and 35%, with search engines.
  • Of those who prefer search engines, 52% choose Google.

You can’t just thrust ads in their face and hope they’ll buy. That attitude cost publishers an estimated $22 billion in 2015 because consumers blocked their ads. As of March 2016, around 408 million people have opted to block ads for a better mobile web browsing experience.

The Panda Lives!

Google Panda is Real Even Today

Starting February 23, 2011, the Panda/Farmer Update began wiping out sites with low-quality content.

And it never stopped.

The Panda algorithm is still active, quietly demoting sites out of Google’s search results.

It’s about compelling & optimized content

  • Get your prospects sold on you even before you sell to them.
  • Convince Google to rank you among the first five organic results.

There is an article at the Google Webmaster Central Blog on Google’s expectations of a high-quality site. Written by Amit Singhal way back in 2011, it still remains relevant.

Create content that search engines want to rank and visitors love to read and bookmark.

Content people would miss if you took it off the Internet.

“It’s humans dealing with humans – we forget that. Instead of trying to be real time, we gotta be Real.” (36:04)

As an SEO Content Writer, I can help you grow

  • You tell me what you wish to achieve.
  • I ask questions.
  • You clarify.

That’s how we begin a project. And you remain updated at all times.

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You get what search engines prefer:

  • Well-researched content, not some opinion piece.
  • Something that your visitors read and happily share.

About 84% of the people surfing the web only skim through content, ready to click away to the next good thing.

Optimal use of subheadings, small paragraphs, and white space encourages visitors to read.

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I don’t give you Copy when all you need is Content.

If your writer doesn’t know the difference and gets in your visitors’ face too frequently, you may not be able to convert them into buyers.

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I can differentiate between YOUR and YOU’RE

Here’s my academic résumé.

Being too pedantic isn’t the best way to secure visitor engagement. However, style guides help when you’re unsure if it is onsite, on site or on-site.

I normally depend upon the Chicago Manual of Style and the APA Style Blog to resolve doubts, and you get content that is professionally written and looks it.

That’d be content with perfect grammar, and readability that never sacrifices quality.

Readability is measurable through the Flesch-Kincaid tests. 60 – 70% is considered acceptable for normal web content.

Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease score of this web page is 64.1.

It is a problem if your readers don't understand what you're trying to say!

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100% original content

  • No plagiarizing.
  • Acknowledgement and attribution as per best practices.
  • The perfect number of words in direct quotations to avoid duplicate content issues.
  • Zero fluff.
You want a writer who writes zero fluff content
Neil Patel on Om Malik

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Finally …

I giv yu content htat has been prof read, edited, spelchekced and rdy to publis. and in pfebvct english – that mek you hapfy, yes? 😉

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Get in Touch

The following are my areas of expertise (click the links for samples):

Blog Posts
Press Releases
Guides & Tutorials
Content Rewriting
Case Study Writing
Cornerstone Content
Blogging Strategy including SEO and CRO

If you have something in mind apart from what’s been listed, please feel free to let me know.

I mostly write about

Marketing (B2C),
Conversion Rate Optimization,
Education and,

However, if you have a subject in mind that does not require rocket science specialization, I’ll probably be able to handle it.

Here’s a testimonial that might just convince you.

And If you wish to look at my offline writing samples (newspaper & magazine), please click here.

Please let me know of your requirements via email : content(at)

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Bamidele Onibalusi – for more than I could begin to acknowledge.

‘You want content people would miss…’ inspired by Joe Pulizzi.

What may be expected of an SEO content writer inferred from article by Rachel Parker, Founder & CEO, Resonance.

Featured image – edited version of original saved from via @Tomwalsham & The Atlantic.

Memes and inline image

‘Dafuq did I just read?’ (edited) –

“Don’t ramble” screenshot from Conclusion of Neil Patel’s article on how content length affects rankings and conversions.

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