Six Years of Ghostwriting and Almost Nothing to Show for It

Clients with ghostwriting projects are not always comfortable about making public their words of praise spoken in private to the writer. Oh well…!

Thankfully, there are exceptions.

In all fairness, the following testimonial is as much a reflection of my abilities as a writer as it is of Mr. Graham’s demeanor as an old school British gentleman.

I can’t speak highly enough about Kapush and the quality of his work – hence, I’m keen to express a few words of praise and support for the service he offers.

What Kapush doesn’t know about grammar, writing structure and the use of language isn’t worth knowing – he’s a real pro who produces unique, well-researched, articulate and engaging articles which flow like honey off a honey dipper – every time!

Kapush is also very experienced in SEO and always brings this into play in the creation of his articles. The more you brief him in advance of the keywords you are targeting, and the audience you are trying to reach, the more your final articles will be tailor-made for your needs.

Before setting myself up as an affiliate marketer, I worked for 25 years as a journalist in the weekly newspaper industry in the UK. I can say with conviction that Kapush’s writing skills are right up there with the best I encountered during my time in the profession.

He communicates effectively and regularly with you at every stage of the writing process, taking on board any requests or suggestions along the way, and delivers the goods to your complete satisfaction. This is most impressive considering we have never met each other and live in different continents!

I’ve commissioned more than 40 writers during the last eight years to create content for me – none of them, and I mean none of them, have come anywhere near to producing work to the impeccably high standard Kapush has.

He’s an expert at generating content that really grabs the reader’s attention, no matter how challenging the subject might be to a writer – I’ve thrown some painfully boring subjects his way and he’s never failed to produce interesting and formidable articles.

Anyone who can write a compelling 1000-word article about the mankini thong is OK in my book!

If you are looking for high quality content, that always hits the mark – trust me, Kapush is the man to go to.

~ Wes Graham,
UK Affiliate Marketer
September 18, 2016