E3 Case Study #1 - SEO and CRO

Been almost a year since my article on the E3 CRO method was published. A big thank you to everyone for their support! 🙂 I wasn’t able to do justice to all the appreciation: certain unfortunate events kept me away . But I’m happy to say that the very first E3 Case Study is finally here. Using E3 CRO To Retrieve Rank by Increasing Visitor Engagement This was the first case study to test the validity of the E3 Conversion Rate Optimization strategy. Results were…Continue Reading “E3 CRO Case Study #1: Rank Retrieved With an Hour’s Work & at Zero Cost”

Everyone loves data in conversion optimization

You are aware that website conversion optimization is good for your business. You also know that data is the most important part of a successful optimization process. And you are all ready to dive into a CRO program. Now would be a good time to pause for a moment and take in certain things. And in case you’re wondering, ‘E3’ is just another fancy name. There’s nothing unique about it apart from the fact that it is based on this one strategic move which I…Continue Reading “Using the E3 method to optimize conversion rate on your website”