B2C Content Marketing Strategies - Which Writer to Hire

B2C content marketing strategies (also frequently searched for as ‘b to c marketing‘ and ‘business to consumer marketing‘) require that you communicate with your ideal prospect in simple language. A B2C prospect would ideally ask for information, not research (which is the domain of B2B). That said, it does enhance your credibility when you link to authentic research material or your company’s data sheets, but that isn’t normally your prospects’ priority. Who is the ideal writer for B2C content marketing? Businesses looking for targeted organic traffic understand…Continue Reading “B2C Content Marketing Strategies – SEO Content Writer or Subject Expert, Who Do You Need?”

vacant positions are ruining your business

Looking at my last two posts, I felt I’ve been persistently critical of others. Figured I’d walk the talk. So, here it is, an entire article on the necessity of filling in vacant positions in a company, rewritten. I’m not sure I should mention the exact URL of the original, but of course, if you really want to compare, it should be easy enough with Big G around 😉 Related:  SEO Content Writing | Structure Your Blog Post with Perfect WordPress HTML Usage It’s not too different…Continue Reading “6 Ways Vacant Positions Can Damage Your Business – Rewritten”